Welcome to the newly revamped #Tekken_Zone! Here you'll mainly find stuff like movelists, images and multimedia from Tekken 1 to 3 where it all began.

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Gon story changed (23/03/04)
Character movelists updated (05/04/03)
Character Select redone (not blotchy anymore) (05/02/03)
Jin update (31/12/02)
Better Ogre, Julia, True Ogre pics (07/10/02)
New Nina pic!!! (24/09/02)
Julia update (no throw names yet, few moves missing still) (19/06/02)
Xiaoyu movelist complete, Kuma/Panda movelist updated (19/06/02)
Percentage update (18/06/02)
Lei movelist complete, Gun Jack bio update (17/06/02)
Character bio's/info updated again (30/05/02)
Bryan gradient, King 10-strings complete (28/03/02)
Paul movelist complete (23/03/02)
Yoshimitsu 10-strings complete, bottom links fixed (20/03/02)
Law movelist complete (20/03/02)
All Tekken 3 stories updated (20/03/02)
Ogre, True Ogre movelists complete (14/01/02)
New Anna, Dr B., Gon, Panda sounds (23/12/01)
Hwoarang movelist complete (22/12/01)
Gon movelist complete (27/10/01)
All Tekken 3 bio's updated (20/08/01)

Finally found a decent Kazuya pic (11/11/03)
Major Tekken 2 overhaul (30/07/03)
10-hit combos renamed to 10-hit strings (31/12/02)
Kazuya's movelist updated (31/12/02)
Devil's movelist updated, correct 10-string damage (31/12/02)
Lei's throws updated: 1+3 does 40 damage (03/07/02)
Bruce's moves updated (06/09/02)
King moves and multi's completed (06/09/02)
Lee, Anna and Devil pages updated (03/07/02)
Lee, Anna and Devil icons and gradients up!!! (03/07/02)
Percentage update (18/06/02)
Lei throws and 10-strings complete (17/06/02)
All Tekken 2 pages, combo list updated (17/06/02)
All gradient colours and icons apart from Lee, Anna and Devil/Angel are up (17/06/02)
New Jack-2, Jun, Kazuya, Law, Nina, Paul, P. Jack gradients (30/05/02)
Nina multi-parts complete (30/05/02)
King multi-parts updated (06/05/02)
Bruce movelist complete (01/05/02)
Anna movelist complete (22/04/02)
Devil update (07/03/02)
Tekken 2 chatacter updates (06/02/02)
Lee, Wang movelist complete (14/01/02)
Michelle movelist updated (14/01/02)
New Yoshi, Kuni, Devil, P. Jack, Wang, Heihachi sounds (04/01/02)
Full character usage percentage update (29/12/01)
Ganryu movelist complete (28/12/01)
Update to P. Jack bio (P. Jack isn't "felt without fuel") (28/12/01)
Law movelist complete (21/12/01)
Juggles & Combos page up (21/12/01)
Jun, Baek movelists complete (24/11/01)
All bio pics optimised/updated (20/08/01)
All Tekken 2 bio's updated (19/08/01)


YouTube subscribers: I have dumped YouTube like a ton of hot bricks after Google disabled my username login simply because I wasn't linked to Google itself (along with thousands of others). As such, Google and its online products are now on my blacklist. (01/02/12)

Name gradients aren't PNG's anymore (03/01/04)
Corrected Tekken 3 arcade character codes (25/12/03) Don't ask why Xmas day!
Updated codes page (07/11/03)
Created in-game character pictures (28/10/03)
Major site overhaul - Version 2.0 coming soon! (30/07/03)
Conventions page updated (31/12/02)
Fixed silly url mistake in download page (04/10/02)
ePSXe installer updated (04/10/02)
KaZaA Lite 2.0.0 added to Downloads section (04/10/02)
Fixed bottom bar prob in Netscape (03/10/02)
Downloads updated (last time i hope!!) (14/08/02)
Tekken 1 FAQ's added/updated (09/08/02)
New sound fx for each character (no more recorded ones) (09/08/02)
ePSXe replaces PSEmu in downloads, maybe last downloadable due to space restrictions (13/07/02)
Tekken 1 section revamped (but still very much not there) (30/06/02)
Download Page changed, added new stuff (17/06/02)
New Christie and Violet name tags (01/06/02)
Image Archive had to be moved to different site for space probs (31/05/02)
Steve, Craig and Combot have name tags now (but no T4 site yet) (30/05/02)
Fonts updated...now work in windoze xp!!! (23/05/02)
White bg on bottom frame fixed, new font cache (22/04/02)
Links page updated (21/04/02)
Some extra downloads (01/03/02)
More images uploaded (01/03/02)
All #Tekken_Zone pages tweaked (13/01, 14/01/02)
Updated Conventions page (28/12/01)
Updated Tekken Tag font (21/12/01)


Site: Do whatever, maybe a more professional looking home page!!
Tekken 1: Find some ancient images, make HTML for all characters
Tekken 2: Lei, Nina, Paul, and Kuma's moves
Tekken 3: Nina, Julia, and Anna's moves
Tekken Tag: Maybe get some movelists happening (TTT.com has gone forever, noooo!!!)
Tekken Advance: Yeah, right
Tekken 4: Who knows, I'm yet to play it

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