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Directional commands apply to a fighter facing right. Reverse the L/R controls if they are facing the other way.

F, B, U, D

Press and hold in direction (Forward, Back, Up, Down)

f, b, u, d

Press in direction indicated and hold (Forward, Back, Up, Down)

d/f, u/f, d/b, u/b

Diagonal directions (Down/Forward, Up/Forward, Down/Back, Up/Back)


Quarter circle to forward/back (start at down position and roll forward/back)


Half circle to forward/back (start at opposite direction and roll back/forward)


Release the directional buttons for a short while, leaving them in neutral position


Left Punch (normally on PSX controller)


Right Punch (normally )


Left Kick (normally )


Right Kick (normally )

1,2 (example)

Buttons pressed after each other

1+2 (example)

Buttons pressed at the same time


Side Step (applies to Tekken 3 and Tag only). Tap u to move left, d to move right. (Reverse if character is facing left)


While Standing (timed when rising from crouched position).


While Crouching (timed when entering crouched position, usually notated as a d+button move).

33(49) (example)

Damage points (not % damage aka Mortal Kombat), clean hit damage in brackets.



Face up (lying on back)
Face down (lying on stomach)
Feet towards opponent
Feet away from opponent.

FU/FT (example)

Face up and feet towards opponent.


While on ground, 3

Low foot sweep. Knocks standing opponent off their feet.

While on ground, 4

Mid-range leg sweep. Knocks a crouching opponent over.

FU/FT, b,b+3+4

Spring kick. Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Ogre, True Ogre, Yoshimitsu, Lei, Paul, Kunimitsu, and Bruce cannot do this. King, Armor King and Eddy/Tiger will face backwards after doing this.

FU/FT, b,b+3+4

Spring cross-chop. Only Paul, Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu can do this.

FU/FT, f,f+1+2

Cross-chop. Hwoarang, Lei, Xiaoyu, Jack-2, P. Jack, Ogre, True Ogre, Bruce and Kuma Snr can't do this.

FU/FT, b,b,f+1+2

Reverse roll cross-chop. Hwoarang, Lei, Xiaoyu, Jack-2, P. Jack, Ogre, True Ogre, Bruce and Kuma Snr can't do this.

FU/FT, d+3

Ankle Kick. Applies to Tekken 3 and up. Most characters can do this. One of Steve Fox's few kicks :-)


f,f,f (or f,F)


Tackle. (3 steps)

Run into the opponent, knock them over, and punch them on the ground. The tackle does 5 damage, each punch also does 5. You can't do the punches on Tekken 1, or if the opponent is BK when you tackle them (Tekken 2/3).

Unblockable tackle. (4+ steps)

Charge right into the opponent with an unblockable shoulder tackle. Does 35 damage. N/A in Tekken 1.

Trample attack. (3+ steps)

You can run right over a grounded opponent (and stomp on them in the process). Does 15 damage. Does 22 damage if a Tekken 2 Jack character runs over you. N/A in Tekken 1.

Cross Chop. (3+ steps, 1+2)

All fighters can do this. Does 30 damage, hits Mid.

Slide Kick. (3+ steps, 4)

This one doesn't work for the Kings, Mitsu's, Jacks (Tekken 1/2) and Gon. Does 17 Damage, hits Low.

Sliding Attack. (3+ steps, 3+4)

This one applies to the Tekken 1/2 Jacks. Doesn't work for Gun Jack, Kuma Jnr, or Panda. Does 25 damage, hits Low.

Stagger Kicks. (3+ steps, 4,4,4)

This one applies to King, Armor King and Gon. Does ?? damage, all 3 hit Low.

Solar Kick. (3+ steps, 3+4)

This one applies to Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu. Can link to the Shark Attack. Does ?? damage, hits Mid.



Applies to Tekken 3 and Tag only. Renders first hit a counter hit but leaves you unable to guard while charged.


Applies to Tekken 3 and Tag only.

Into background: u+2
Into foreground: d+2

If you perform the tech roll at the right time (keep hitting u (or d)+2 just before your fighter hits the ground), you can recover and get up quickly when you are knocked down to the ground. If you land face down on Tekken 3, you can't perform a tech roll. For some reason the CPU can perform a ukemi tag on their face (?)

When hit while falling: 1 or 2

True Ogre and Gon have a way of jumping up when they get juggled...